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Hello, JouleBuggers.

You may have noticed the blog looks 147 times better a little different; we made the move from Tumblr to WordPress as part of our reorganized content strategy to bring you more relevant news and tips about JouleBug and living a sustainable lifestyle. Here, we have comment, better social sharing options, and an actual post archive. Hooray!

We also added a new member to our team: me.

headshot of matt morain

That mustache may or may not be real.

Hi! I’m Matt Morain and I’m in charge of minding the shop here at WordPress and across our other social platforms. I come to JouleBug from a PhD in Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media at NC State, where I’ve been finishing my dissertation on rhetoric and internet memes.


You read that right. I’ve been studying memes, internet culture, and rhetoric for 5 years now and I nerd out over what motivates people to share stuff online. Obviously, this intersects with our mission at JouleBug of figuring out how to make sustainability fun in a mobile, social way.

We’ve got a lot of exciting irons in a lot of exciting fires, so y’all come back and see us soon to learn more!