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We had such a successful and busy time at SXSWeco in Austin last week that we’re just getting to this blog post now. Yeah, we’ll stick with that story.

We blew in to the city that keeps it weird for a 3-day conference on sustainability, technology, and the environment. An offshoot of South By Southwest, SXSWeco brings together experts in tech, academia, and government to share innovative products and ideas for “finding solutions for a sustainable world.” Hmm, that sounds just like our wheelhouse, which is why we chose SXSWeco as the place to debut our 2.0 launch.

Lots of great panels on making a real difference in communities highlighted an interesting Wednesday while our president, Grant Williard, kept busy with press interviews. We had some terrific press coverage from TreeHugger, GOODGreenTech Media (to name a few) on top of a metric ton of Twitter buzz from users checking out the app for the first time.

Thursday was packed from open to close with our demo booth at the ‘Eco Exhibition, a trade show of sorts set up outside one of the primary conference rooms. We got a lot of foot traffic and the chance to meet a diverse group of people, from college students to investors to farmers to city officials and more. It felt good to be among our people and to get so much positive feedback on our new and improved version of JouleBug (still free to download in the App Store, hint hint).

(from L to R) Grant, John, and Matt, our intrepid away team at the i2i Awards.

Friday we accepted an i2i Award. A short 3-minute speech on what inspires us to change the world was followed by a shorter version of our latest video; it was an excellent introduction to a room full of great folks. We presented alongside some other fascinating inventors and entrepreneurs with neat product designs like:

  • LuminAID, a solar-powered light used in disaster relief;
  • Kenguru, a wheelchair-to-smart car kit to promote mobility and independence;
  • PowerPot, a portable electric generator powered by a campfire.

We followed up with more demo-ing at the Eco Exhibition and a Twitter giveaway with these excellent JouleBug bottles from Klean Kanteen:

Couple that with more interviews and customer interaction and before long, our dogs were barking. It was all worth it, though, to immerse ourselves amongst the innovators working toward creative sustainable solutions to our environmental challenges. To all of you who stopped by the booth or came and spoke with us, thank you, and another thank you to the organizers at SXSWeco who put on an excellent conference for only being in its second year.

We hope to come back next year with more JouleBug features, more speeches to give, and a chance to teach a thing or two to y’all about North Carolina barbecue. Honestly, brisket? (Shots fired!)