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October brings 3 things: Halloween candy, reruns of “The Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin” special, and for most of us, cold weather. Sure, you could insulate your house with Starburst wrappers and try to plug your leaks with bite-sized Snickers bars, but we’ve got a smarter option.

JouleBug’s Featured Badge of the Month is “Take Out a Leak,” aimed at sealing up those pesky drafts around the house. We’ve got 3 pins you can earn that make a big difference on average to your wallet and the environment:

  • Sneaky Leak: Find the leaks: feel where cold air is coming in around windows and doors and don’t forget the basement and attic.
    • chilly nights saved: 85 per year
  • Seal the Deal: Plug up those leaks with caulk or weatherstripping; it’s an easy DIY project and it doesn’t cost much at all.
    • money saved: at least $15 per year on doors and windows
    • CO2 abated: 84 kg per year, which is like recharging a laptop over 1,000 times!
  • Clearly Warmer: If you’re in a colder climate, use clear plastic sheeting to hold extra (free) heat in your home.
    • money saved: $139 per year
    • CO2 abated: 751 kg per year, which is like planting 19 new trees!

Just a few simple fixes and your savings add up to around 20% off your heating bill. If you’re in an older home, those savings can get up into the hundreds of dollars!

October is, after all, National Energy Awareness Month. So, what are you waiting for? Earn the “Take Out A Leak” badge on JouleBug and get caulked and loaded today.


Check out this informative video to learn how to weatherize your old windows: