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December is a month of dual inevitabilities: 1) the winter solstice will mark the northern hemisphere’s progression into its coldest period, and 2) lots and lots of gifts will be exchanged for the holidays.

We’re not responsible for the cold weather but we can do something about the gift volume. Holiday gift giving creates a staggering amount of waste.¬†As sustainabillies–you wait, it’ll catch on–we’re compelled to think there are better gift options out there to celebrate the spirit of the season without the environmental baggage.

Add some southern to your comfort with these upcycled cocktail shakers.

Enter Fast Company’s “2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Eco-Warriors,” a terrific collection of unique gift ideas for that special sustainabilly on your list (see? it’s catching on).

Come for the Nest thermostat, stay for the mason jar cocktail shakers.