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Winter is coming. More than just the words of House Stark, it’s a good reminder that year-round sustainability requires a certain flexibility for the changing of the seasons. With that in mind, we chose “Now That’s Hot” as December’s featured badge of the month to turn up the heat on your home utility savings. Pins include:

festive AND frugal!

  • Dress for SuccessBundle up and drop your thermostat; a well-knit sweater can save you a closet full of cash in the long run, so do yourself a favor and dress for success.
    • money saved: $11 per year
    • CO2 abated: 51 kg per year
  • Catch Some Rays: Open your south-facing curtains during the day and let the sun warm your room for free.
    • money saved: $30 per year
    • CO2 abated: 162 kg per year
  • Bubble Wrap: Shut those curtains and prevent around 10% of your typical heat loss at night. It’s that easy! For extra credit, you can weigh down the bottom of those curtains to block drafts from getting through.
    • money saved: $20 per year
    • CO2 abated: 109 kg per year

What are you waiting for? The sooner you earn the “Now That’s Hot” badge, the better equipped you’ll be for the inevitable cold front that’s just around the corner.