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We hope you all had a fun and green Earth Day!  For JouleBug, it was a big day: lots of news to share.  We shared some of it on Facebook and Twitter, but it was a busy (and noisy) day, so we wanted to do a recap here.

First, we welcomed two new JouleBug Communities: Wake Tech Community College and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Both now have custom badges that users there can earn to display their college or town spirit, with more good stuff in the works soon.  In both places, the sustainability leaders recognized the value that JouleBug brings to a broad-based sustainability program.  We’re glad to be helping both Santa Fe and Wake Tech reach their populations and engage them in practical sustainable activities that support those communities’ environmental goals.

Second, we issued a major update to JouleBug for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads).  The big news there is a new feature: Game.  Users can challenge their Facebook friends and Twitter followers to play a game of JouleBug.  Compete for a week to see who’s greenest; most points wins. It’s a great way to spread the word about sustainabilty and JouleBug to the people you know.  The Game feature is still in beta, but we wanted people to be able to use it and let us know what they thought.  Get gaming!  Even if you lose, you win: save money, help the planet.

Last — and certainly not least — JouleBug is now available for Android devices!    We’re very excited to see our app running on a new platform and reaching a new group of users.  You can download JouleBug for Android from Google Play.

Like we said: lots of news for Earth Day!