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Public policy is a difficult and time-consuming way to solve a problem.  There are cases when it’s the best or only tool to address a certain issue, but there are often other ways to bring about change that don’t require a (literal) act of Congress — or of a city council or state legislature.

Take single-use plastic bags, for example.  Around the United States, the laws governing the availability of these bags vary crazily from place to place.  Some states have taken action to try to keep them out of the landfill (or waterways, where they’re likely to end up).  A few cities and counties have taken it upon themselves to ban plastic bags entirely — where not prohibited from doing so by their state legislature — and even to assess a fee on the use of paper bags.

We don’t have a lobbyist on retainer at JouleBug.  We don’t weigh in on public policy.  But we do think that switching to reusable bags is a good way to cut down on your person environmental impact.  It’s a little thing that adds up over time to big change.  We have a whole badge for it: Bags Are Drags.

Bags Are Drags_384x384


Policy matters a lot, but we’re not waiting on the law to try to make this change.  We can give people little nudges to make changes like this right now.