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You know the old excuse: “I’d switch to a reusable coffee cup instead of getting disposables every time, if only I could do it without sacrificing my personal sense of style and love of well-designed objects!” Boy, if we had a nickel for every time we’d heard that!

JouleBug thinks that reducing our solid waste impact is important — not just recycling, but generating less waste in the first place.  That’s

AVJ_Hug a Mug_128x128why we have a whole badge, “Average Joe”, filled with things you can do to cut down on the waste generated by your morning (or afternoon, or evening, or whatever) cup(s) of coffee.  One great way to do that is to have a reusable mug or two that you carry with you or keep at work, and skip those disposable cups. We have a pin for that: “Hug a Mug.”

Of course, we also like well-designed things, so these disposable cup substitutes are right up our alley.  Each one is smart in its own way.  (To be fair, one, the Compleat, is still disposable, but is designed to obviate plastic lids.  That’s important. We have a pin for that, too!)  There’s something for every taste.  We’re partial to the Build-on-Brick mug, because … Legos, obviously.

The reusable cup habit is just as easy to start as a coffee habit. Whatever your taste in design or beverages, there’s a reusable cup out there for you.  So: hug a mug, go topless, and earn that “Average Joe” badge.