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At JouleBug, we know that sustainability doesn’t have to be about sacrifice or drudgery. We think this is a message more people need to hear and see.  We’re doing our best to spread it, but we’re certainly glad when others come on board.

That’s why we were delighted to see (and be featured in) this recent CBS News piece on fun green apps!  Thanks to Chenda Ngak for including us. She told us on Twitter that she spent weeks looking through the App Store to choose the apps she featured.  We’re going to take that to mean that we’re the cream of the crop.

We turn sustainable living into an engaging, competitive, community-building experience.  We can do that for a city, a university, a company, or really any entity that has sustainability goals that it wants to turn into real-world community action.

We make it fun. Drop us a line to find out more about how we can do that for your community.