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As NC State’s 35,000 students start the fall semester this coming week — they’re moving into the residence halls right now! — they’ll be greeted with a new campus-wide sustainability campaign: Change Your State.  The hard-working folks in the NCSU Sustainability Office have planned a year-long effort, with a different theme each month, to help NC State students (and faculty & staff) live and learn more sustainably.

JouleBug is proud to be the mobile arm of the Change Your State campaign.  We’ve designed a custom badge for NC State, but of course there’s much more to JouleBug than one badge.  Our app has sustainable actions that fit into all the themes that the University will be highlighting over the year: transportation, food, solid waste & recycling, and much more.

We’ll be working with the University over the next year to make sure that JouleBug is an integral part of their campaign, helping students and other members of the campus community turn sustainability concepts into real-world action.  And we’ve got plans in the works for campus-wide contests to keep things fun and engaging.

NC State is doing great work in making sustainability a part of the everyday lives of its students, faculty, and staff, and we’re happy to be partnering with them on Change Your State.  Keep an eye on their website or social media to see all the good stuff they’ll be rolling out this year.