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JouleBug’s mobile app turns sustainability into a game; users earn points and virtual trophies for their real-world sustainable actions. Now we’re earning a trophy of our own: a Splunk Revolution Do-Gooder award.

We help more people develop more sustainable habits, and we partner with cities, universities, companies, and other kinds of communities to customize our app so that it works best for their populations and their sustainable priorities.

A big part of our platform is being able to show our partners how JouleBug is working for them. And for that, we need smart, effective tools for analyzing and visualizing all the data that our app generates.

That’s where Splunk comes in. Splunk makes software that helps companies (like us) make sense of the scads of data that come out of things like web servers and mobile apps. We use their software to generate insights into how users are engaging in real-world sustainable actions in our partner communities, and we share those insights with our partners to help them make decisions about future programs and sustainability priorities.

Yesterday at .conf2013, the fourth annual Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference, JouleBug was awarded a Splunk Revolution “Do-Gooder” award. A panel of Splunk employees selected Joulebug for being a premiere example of how machine data analytics can unlock insights that benefit society.

This is maybe the geekiest thing since James P. Thing created the first modern thing in his Indiana thingworks, but we’re incredibly excited and honored by it.  Thanks to Splunk for the recognition, and for being such a helpful part of our work at JouleBug!