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Every year, the President issues a proclamation declaring October to be National Energy Awareness Month. You might not have heard much about it this year, given the other things the federal government has been up to (or hasn’t been up to, as the case may be).

We think that’s great. We think people should know how they’re using energy at home and at work, where that energy comes from, and what its costs are — and that’s not just money, of course.

But we also think awareness isn’t enough. We think that people should know about their energy use, but unless that knowledge is converted into action, it’s still a missed opportunity.

JouleBug isn’t just about telling; it’s about doing. Our platform helps guide users toward real-world sustainable actions — with some awareness and education along the way. We make it easier for people to take concrete steps to save energy, reduce emissions, and cut their utility bills.

Energy Awareness Month is a good reminder to take a look at your own energy use and see where you can make some smart choices about lowering it. JouleBug can help turn that awareness into action.