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Sustainability is its own reward. Using resources wisely, reducing emissions, and saving money are all important goals in their own right. Now one of our university partners has set up a program to add one more layer of benefit to being green.

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WesleyanUniversity in Connecticut is holding a campus contest right now using the JouleBug app. Student teams are competing to see who can score the most points for their sustainable actions by November 24. The highest-scoring team will earn prizes — but they’re not the only winners.

Thanks to a student group’s good idea and a subsequent pledge from Wesleyan President Michael Roth, every dollar that the JouleBug contest cuts from the University’s utility bills will be channeled directly to financial aid. The university cuts its utility spending and emissions, and deserving students get help paying for their education. Instead of lighting and heating empty rooms, Wesleyan is putting its energy to better use.

You can read more about Wesleyan’s partnership with JouleBug and this unique contest in the University’s student newspaper, the Wesleyan Argus. Our thanks to Associate Professor Mary Alice Haddad and her students, who are leading the on-campus work.

We think this is a wonderful example of the nexus between sustainability and a university’s broader educational mission. Think your school could benefit from a program like this? Give us a buzz via email, Twitter, or Facebook! We can help you put your energy to a better use.