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Some say the bicycle is the greatest invention of all time. That may be a bit over the top, but it still ranks highly when it comes to inexpensive, quiet, energy efficient transportation.

So in honor of Bike to Work week, here’s our salute to those that bike to work:

  • Congratulations on your healthy body from the workouts
  • Kudos for all the “cowboy baths” you’ve taken to freshen yourself up
  • Compliments for safely sharing the road
  • Credit for the gas savings in your pocket and the carbon savings for all of us
  • Regards for the wind in your face
  • Applause for the rock-star parking spot

Our helmets are off to you!

Maybe one day, we’ll all be biking to work everyday. Until then, give these folks a wide berth when you pass and a big smile. Better yet, give it a try this Friday – National Bike to Work Day. You might just find yourself enjoying your daily commute.

Of course, don’t forget to Buzz these pins in the app when you participate this Bike to Work Week! (Once you’re safely off the road, of course.)

Bike to Work Blazing Saddles

 Blazing Saddles

Bike to Work Share The Road

Share the Road

Photo © Eric Tuvel