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The American Public Transportation Association sponsors Dump the Pump Day to encourage switching out your cars for public transportation on your commute to work.

Save gas, money, and the environment by utilizing your community’s buses, trains, and ride-shares! Switching pays off! Studies on the cost of travel and transportation have shown that switching to public transportation could save you about $10,000 a year or around $800 a month! And time is money too, right?

Americans who use public transportation save 865 million hours in travel time annually.

Plus of course, lessening our use of cars is saving the environment one gallon of gas at a time. The use of public transportation has helped to reduce 5.2 billion gallons of gasoline used each year. Why not make that number higher? Each gallon reduced prevents more CO2 from going into our air and gives us a cleaner environment to enjoy.

Find a public transportation system near you and start saving money, time, and gallons. Don’t forget to buzz our Road Warrior pin during all your downtime on your public transportation commute!

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