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Happy Summer! Just because it’s getting hotter doesn’t mean there’s an excuse to abuse your air conditioner! Grab a nice cool drink, and check out these tips to beat the heat.

Keep the sun outside and your house naturally cool by closing all the blinds during the day. Leaky windows and doors let that precious cool air seep out into the neighborhood. Caulking drafty windows and doors can save 5% on cooling costs! And most importantly, don’t forget to turn up the thermostat when you leave so you aren’t wasting energy.

Leaving your A/C on when you aren’t home can add a couple hundred dollars to your energy bill every season!

Buzz these pins, and more from our Summer Solstice category, when you remember to sustainably cool down your house!

sun block em

Sun Block


Caulk Around the Clock

summer regulator

Summer Regulator

Photo © Daniel Pacquet