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It’s National Farmers Market Week!

This one is pretty straightforward–take a visit to a farmers market near you! Local produce tastes great, saves energy, and is great for your local economy!

Food in the United States travels an average of 1,500 miles before it gets to a plate.

Shipping food emits CO2, and produces excess waste from packaging. Buying straight from the producer decreases transportation and packaging costs (and waste).

Cut down on your impact by buying food that was grown in your area. You’ll know exactly where it came from, can connect with your community and other locals, and might end up discovering some new foods that you’ve never tried before at the market.

Don’t forget your reusable shopping bag to carry all the fresh fruits and veggies you pick up! Buzz these pins when you buy that delicious local produce and put it in your reusable bag! Three pins in one trip? Score!

down home eats

Down Home Eats

fresh beets

Fresh Beets 

hold the bag

Hold the Bag