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Today is America Recycles Day! Recycling is at the basis of living a sustainable lifestyle, and the best part is — it’s easy! Join the movement and inform yourselves on what can and cannot be recycled; and make a little extra effort to ensure those items don’t end up in the trash!

Recycling can have a big impact on the environment.

In 2009 alone, Americans recycled over 82 million tons of materials. The reduction in CO2 emissions from this recycling is the same as taking 33 million cars off the road!

We are headed down the right track but it takes everyone to make it an effective system! Start today to make recycling a habit in your sustainable lifestyle! When you make sure that your paper, bottles, and other non-trash items end up in the recycling bin, make sure to buzz the Bin to Win pin!

Think paper and bottles are the only things that should have another life? Not true! Old electronics like cell phones and CD players should be recycled as well so their earth metals can be reused. Buzz the Second Life pin when you recycle an old electronic.

Another way to support recycling is at the store. In 2010 America recovered over 60% of paper to recycle into new products. When you buy paper or toilet paper, try brands that use recycled materials to lessen your impact. Then buzz the Blank Sheet or Bear Bum pins!

Visit to find out more about what can be recycled, to find a recycling location near you, and to get more info on the impact that recycling can have!

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