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Air it Out!

Air it Out!

Fall is here and it’s the perfect chance to give you’re A/C a break after a long, warm summer.

JouleBug’s new ‘Air it Out’ pin encourages you to use the brisk fall air to cool down your home.

Leave your windows open at night when temperatures drop instead of having to keep your Air Conditioner running. It’s a great way to save on your energy bill and it will keep your home confortable and cool!

Buzz the Air it Out pin when let the fresh air cool you off with open windows!

Up Your Conservation Game!

Up Your Conservation Game!

Drought got you down?

If you live in California or other drought stricken areas, we know that finding new ways to conserve water and save on your water bill is always a good thing! Even if you don’t live in California, water conservation is important and can help you save money and one of our planet’s most valuable resources!

JouleBug is introducing new pins to take your water conservation game to the next level!

Head to your app’s ‘Water’ category to check out these brand new pins! Start earning more points and saving more water today!

Photo © Tim J Keegan

Leave the Keys!

Leave the Keys!

Happy World Car Free Day!

Don’t know what you’d do without your car? How about giving it a try!

Get to work, school, or the store by walking, biking, or using public transportation.

Explore your transportation options without the pollution, gas, energy, and costs that come with driving yourself everywhere. See where it takes you!

Reap the benefits of more exercise, saving money, and also saving the environment from the release of CO2 from your gas emissions!

Buzz these pins on the JouleBug app when you leave the keys and find a new way to get around(or stay in!)


Photo © Kathryn

Protect your Water

Protect your Water

August is National Water Quality Month!

Saving water is important, but so is maintaining the quality and cleanliness of it!

How can you help keep water clean? Plant a garden!

Gardens, unlike pavement and other impermeable surfaces, absorb rainwater before it turns to runoff that can collect chemicals and toxins.

Make sure you steer clear of fertilizers and unnatural pesticides in your garden to ensure no seepage can harm groundwater resources.

Start planting and watch your healthy and natural garden grow while protecting an important resource! Buzz these pins when you set up your own home garden and maintain it naturally!

garden party

Garden Party

green acres

Green Acres

go native

Go Native

Make a Farmer Friend!

Make a Farmer Friend!

It’s National Farmers Market Week!

This one is pretty straightforward–take a visit to a farmers market near you! Local produce tastes great, saves energy, and is great for your local economy!

Food in the United States travels an average of 1,500 miles before it gets to a plate.

Shipping food emits CO2, and produces excess waste from packaging. Buying straight from the producer decreases transportation and packaging costs (and waste).

Cut down on your impact by buying food that was grown in your area. You’ll know exactly where it came from, can connect with your community and other locals, and might end up discovering some new foods that you’ve never tried before at the market.

Don’t forget your reusable shopping bag to carry all the fresh fruits and veggies you pick up! Buzz these pins when you buy that delicious local produce and put it in your reusable bag! Three pins in one trip? Score!

down home eats

Down Home Eats

fresh beets

Fresh Beets 

hold the bag

Hold the Bag 

Paper or Plastic? How About Neither?!

Paper or Plastic? How About Neither?!

It’s International Plastic Bag Free Day!

This week Hawaii became the first state to fully ban plastic bags at grocery stores!

Reusable bags drastically decrease the amount of plastic and paper waste from shopping bags. Think your shopping trip won’t make a difference? Think again!

Over 1 trillion plastic bags end up in landfills or in the ocean every year. Just one person can save over 22,000 plastic bags throughout their lifetime by switching to reusable ones!

More states will follow Hawaii so get ahead of the curve and start bringing your reusable bags with you now! Leave them in your car or by your front door to remember to use them every time you shop.

Buzz these pins when you make the effort to reduce your waste!

grab bag

Grab Bag

hold the bag

Hold the Bag

Photo © Mr.TinDC


Summer Is Here And So Is The Heat!

Summer Is Here And So Is The Heat!

Happy Summer! Just because it’s getting hotter doesn’t mean there’s an excuse to abuse your air conditioner! Grab a nice cool drink, and check out these tips to beat the heat.

Keep the sun outside and your house naturally cool by closing all the blinds during the day. Leaky windows and doors let that precious cool air seep out into the neighborhood. Caulking drafty windows and doors can save 5% on cooling costs! And most importantly, don’t forget to turn up the thermostat when you leave so you aren’t wasting energy.

Leaving your A/C on when you aren’t home can add a couple hundred dollars to your energy bill every season!

Buzz these pins, and more from our Summer Solstice category, when you remember to sustainably cool down your house!

sun block em

Sun Block


Caulk Around the Clock

summer regulator

Summer Regulator

Photo © Daniel Pacquet

Step Away From the Gas Pump!

Step Away From the Gas Pump!

The American Public Transportation Association sponsors Dump the Pump Day to encourage switching out your cars for public transportation on your commute to work.

Save gas, money, and the environment by utilizing your community’s buses, trains, and ride-shares! Switching pays off! Studies on the cost of travel and transportation have shown that switching to public transportation could save you about $10,000 a year or around $800 a month! And time is money too, right?

Americans who use public transportation save 865 million hours in travel time annually.

Plus of course, lessening our use of cars is saving the environment one gallon of gas at a time. The use of public transportation has helped to reduce 5.2 billion gallons of gasoline used each year. Why not make that number higher? Each gallon reduced prevents more CO2 from going into our air and gives us a cleaner environment to enjoy.

Find a public transportation system near you and start saving money, time, and gallons. Don’t forget to buzz our Road Warrior pin during all your downtime on your public transportation commute!

road warrios


Road Warrior